What is the Classic Card Sleeve Texture?

With all the different varieties of card sleeve textures available it can be quite tricky to find the card sleeve texture that is best for you. Different card sleeve textures have different shuffle feels, will stack differently and the one that is best for you will be up to your personal preference.

Dragon Shield currently has three card sleeve textures available, Matte, Brushed & Classic.

Dragon Shield Classic card sleeves are the original card sleeve by Dragon Shield, they have smooth backs without texture.

Decks sleeved with Dragon Shield Classic sleeves will have a firmer shuffle feel than decks sleeved with Matte or Brushed sleeves. Slightly more force is required when shuffling, especially when ‘mash’ shuffling (pushing two piles of sleeved cards together).

Brand new Classic card sleeves are very slippery to start with, a deck sleeved with classic card sleeves may even topple over sometimes. After use and over time they will become less slippery adhere to each other a little more strongly, over time they will become the least slippery of all the textures available so your deck will be very unlikely to topple over.

Classic card sleeves are more prone to scratching and scuff marks than other card sleeve textures, so over time Classic card sleeves will show some scratching and scuff marks.

So are Classic card sleeves the choice for you?

Some people don’t want to use more force when shuffling their valuable cards, and some people are put off by the scuffs and scratches that will appear on Classic sleeves, if this sounds like you, then another card sleeve texture may be a better option.

Classic card sleeves are a good option for you if you tend to use more force when shuffling, like the firm shuffle feel or like the simple aesthetic of the smooth back, a deck that is less likely to topple over is another plus that is especially relevant when playing with large decks like in Commander.

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