Are Dragon Shield sleeves acid free?

As a player of TCGs you might see PVC/acid free labels on TCG accessories, but what is the importance of a TCG accessory being PVC/acid free?

Products with PVC or acid in them will degrade over time and will damage cards. PVC contains plasticizers in it that will break down over time. This releases a gas that will cause the deterioration of items stored inside. This will damage the print on the cards as well as the card itself. The plastic will also begin to yellow and become oily over time. This is the last thing you want happening to your valuable card collection.

In order to protect your valuable collection in the long term, you will want to pick products that are PVC/acid free.

Materials that are acid/PVC free are archival safe, they will not degrade over time. This makes PVC/acid free products safe to store cards in long term without risking damage to your valuable collection.

All Dragon Shield sleeves products are PVC and avid free, meaning that they are safe to store your cards in long term.

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